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Dear Dr. Seluk:

Thank you so much for doing the presentation for the Canton Garden Club on Tuesday night.
I felt you did a wonderful job covering your topic.  You were well prepared on the topic and
did a very good delivery with humor. The power point complimented your subject and went
smoothly. I know I learned a great deal of information about a place I have always wanted to
go see.  I think your talk will have to be that trip for me. Everyone I talked to felt it was
outstanding and well worth their while hearing.
I also wanted to thank your friends for coming to support the technology portion of the presentation.
It is wonderful that you are volunteering your time to help others.  I was impressed with what you did for
the graduating student at U of D to improve his appearance and also your future trip to Haiti. You are
a giving person and a real example to others on how to utilize your talents for others in need. You will
surely get a blessing for all these deeds.
I am giving your name to other groups and hope they also will utilize your speech.
Thank you again.
Lynda Neuroth