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Crowns & Bridges

Crowns are laboratory made caps which are designed to be placed on top of the tooth. They are made of porcelain or gold, or a combination of both. They are used to restore teeth that have had a root canal, are badly decayed, broken, or weak.

Crowns can be used to attach bridges, cover implants, protect cracked teeth from becoming worse, and to improve esthetics of a tooth.

Crowns that are fabricated in our office with metal are made of the best quality high-noble gold.  We purchase the gold direct and supply it to the labs we work with.  We also offer all porcelain or zirconia crowns.

Before Before Before
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After After After
Weak and decayed lower front teeth are crowned to provide stability and retention for a better fitting lower partial The new crowns improve the esthetics and function of the posterior teeth A fixed detachable bridge is fabricated to restore the upper arch.  Crowns are placed on all the lower teeth. To offer more stability and chewing power for patient’s who have lost all of their teeth, fixed detachable bridges are made.  Dental implants are used in conjunction with the bridges(s), and they anchor the bridge(s) in place.