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Dentures & Partials

A removable appliance such as; a partial denture, complete denture, or over-denture can be used to replace missing teeth. These appliances are typically made of acrylic material and may be used in conjunction with metal to allow for a better fit and more retention.

A partial denture can be made to anchor onto existing natural teeth when there are multiple teeth missing.  Complete dentures (full sets of teeth) are made when a patient no longer has any natural teeth.

An over-denture is a full denture that may rest on a few remaining root tips of natural teeth or implants.

Before Before Before
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After After After
New dentures fill out the lip, offer better chewing power, and create a younger looking profile by restoring the patient’s facial balance. With a new partial the patient is “able to bite into foods” and no longer needs adhesive because, “it fits very well.” Aged dentures fit poorly because the patient has much bone loss.  New complete dentures are made for the top and the bottom arches.  The new appliances allow the patient to chew foods more easily, and smile with confidence.