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Full-Mouth Reconstruction

There are many levels of dental treatment; ranging from basic preventative maintenance to major restorative care. Dr. Seluk specializes in servicing patients with challenging cases, which may require extensive dental work. Typically, full-mouth reconstructive cases combine a number of different treatments, during the restorative phase, to complete the dental work. Every patient case is individual and the treatment rendered for each patient is best determined after a thorough comprehensive exam by a trained Prosthodontist like Dr. Seluk.


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Several back teeth are missing.  Many existing teeth are decayed or patched with old materials.  The treatment includes: dental implants, implant and natural teeth crowns, tissue grafting and whitening. Tooth core build-ups are necessary to add back the missing tooth structures that were destroyed by decay.  Dental implants and implant crowns are used along with natural teeth crowns to complete the treatment plan. The remaining upper teeth cannot be restored.  Dental implants are placed on the upper arch and a fixed-bridge is anchored by the implants.  Crowns are placed on all of the lower teeth.