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Michelle, thank you for doing such a nice job in cleaning my teeth.  Thanks for the gentleness and concern with pain.  A rare quality- in your profession… I believe.  Thank you also for your honesty as far as what I need to be concerned with right now.

~ Nancy D.

Those implants are the best thing I ever did for myself! 

~ Theresa M. (Patient’s quote 21yrs later! She had 5 lower implants placed, by Dr. Seluk, & a fixed detachable bridge was made to replace her denture)

I have seen Patient’s moved to tears because they are so happy with the new smile Dr. Seluk has made for them.  I cannot explain how good it feels to be part of something like that!  It truly is a blessing!

~ Dental Assistant 16+ years

Thank you so much for the excellent job you and Anne [Lab Technician] did on my crown.

~ Satisfied Patient

Dr. Seluk was able to extract my tooth, graft the area with bone, put the implant in and make my implant crown so that I did not have to see a handful of specialists to do it!

~ Rocco M.

My upper complete denture has been fantastic!  I have had NO problems whatsoever.  You did a great job!

~ Michael R. (Denture Patient of Dr. Seluk’s still happy 5 years later)

So far, that denture feels better than any denture I have had in my mouth!

~ Opal P. (New Patient who had 5 sets of dentures before seeing Dr. Seluk)

You are such an upbeat, positive, kind person!

~  New Patient at her 1st visit at Dr. Seluk’s

I wish I would have come here sooner.  My other Dentist made it seem like if I had my dentures made by a Prosthodontist they would be the cost of a new car!  They were not expensive compared to what he was charging and his dentures NEVER fit right like these do!

~ Patient of Dr. Seluk’s

Leslie is always really helpful when I have questions about my insurance or I am not sure what will be covered.  Some offices do not go out of their way for me the way Leslie will.  It is nice to have that kind of care.

~ Sally O. (Patient and healthcare worker)