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Dentistry at its Best

We delight in making connections with all of our patients and value their presence in our office. Therefore, we encourage you to ask questions if, at anytime, you may have a concern about your dental treatment. We promise to provide you with factual information to help educate you about your dental health, so that you may make intelligent decisions regarding your dental care.

The Office of Dr. Seluk, DDS, MS, MS

Dr. Seluk is an expert in the dental field. As a Prosthodontist, he is a state licensed specialist who has had more than two years of training beyond dental school. The nature of Prosthodontics encompasses both cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry. It entails the preservation of teeth, restoration of oral and facial structures to an ideal function, and the achievement of ideal esthetics. The essence of the specialty is expert treatment planning, which allows for in-depth explanations of various options of dental treatment, includes a breakdown of dental work to be done, and provides our patient with the best recommendations possible.

We believe in the importance of taking great care of our patients and understand the difficulties that many face when it comes to the affordability of healthcare. We offer a program that is designed to help with such concerns. To learn more about Care Credit and other payment options, please contact our office so that we can further assist you.

Though dental care is at the forefront of what we do, our patient relations are valued just as much. We host patient appreciation parties (with food, wine, entertainment, and prizes), personal wine-tasting events (where Dr. Seluk’s very own hand-crafted/award-winning wine is sampled), and offer private dental education programs for youth groups our patients are members of. We prepare special gifts or custom labeled bottles of wine for every patient that refers a new patient to our office, and hold prize drawings yearly for such referrals.

Your smile will benefit from your treatment in our office, and so will your social life. Our office is more than just a dental practice it is a “dental family!”